Bio-based products that lower your plastic use, CO2e, and chemicals of concern. Healthier for people and the planet.

Our innovative product design takes an agricultural sugarcane byproduct - bagasse - and upcycles it into sustainable healthcare products.

Sugarcane, is considered one of the most regenerative crops on the planet. Sugarcane reduces CO2 in the atmosphere due to carbon sequestration; as it grows sugarcane absorbs CO2

Bagasse is the by-product or ‘waste’ after sugar production, and this plant-based fiber is thermoformed into ‘pulp’ boards and used as input material. Additionally, CO2 emissions from the disposal of bagasse are less than the amount of CO2 absorbed by the growing of sugarcane plants, making it an excellent low-carbon alternative to petroleum-based products.

We call this Smart Sustainable Design  -  where clinical performance meets sustainable design. Millions of single–use essentials used in healthcare everyday can be replaced with renewable plant-based and clinically designed products to eliminate the environmental impacts of plastic on the planet.

Bagasse circular system

Why NewGen Surgical Products?

Healthy planet, healthy people

There is a direct connection between environmental health and the health of people, especially to the most vulnerable. First Do No Harm starts with prevention. For people and the planet.

Reduced environmental impact

Finding a solution to mitigate the environmental impact of operations can be as easy as using sustainably designed products that reduce CO2e and chemicals of concern to health.

Climate-smart purchasing

Bio-based products can measurably reduce the environmental price of plastic single-use healthcare necessities with one of the lowest conversion costs.

Measurable, meaningful value

Renewable products that align with healthcare values to preserve and protect the foundation of human health - a healthy environment.

“The products that are used by healthcare in providing its key services each carry embedded energy and carbon in their production, use and disposal. Switching to more sustainable products across healthcare purchasing can also reduce a hospital’s climate impact for a better future for its patients, employees, and surrounding community.” 1

- PhD, Environment & Public Health

1 Health Care Without Harm, Addressing Climate Change in the Health Care Setting: Opportunities for Action
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