Accelerate the National Climate and Health Movement

Communities around the United States are already grappling with devastating effects from excessive heat and air pollution, increased extreme weather events, and more. Important work is underway, as the health sector is primed to make changes to address the health impacts of climate change. NAM’s initiative, The Action Collaborative on Decarbonizing the U.S. Health Sector is aimed to accelerate the national climate and health movement.

The NAM invites all health-related organizations to join this important work, no matter where they are in their sustainability journey.  Those who sign up have the opportunity to learn about and participate in the climate and health work, forge new and exciting collaborations, and help showcase and track the landscape of actions.

NewGen Surgical is proud to join @theNAM climate and health movement alongside other organizations nationwide that are committed to this important initiative. With health and climate being at the heart of our mission, this is an opportunity for action to address climate change and protect human health, well-being, and equity and actively support and contribute to the work of the Climate Collaborative.

For over a decade NewGen has been on a mission to innovative sustainable product solutions for healthcare. We learned wide-scale impact takes partnership and partnership does not happen without important initiatives that bring industry together to achieve results and do meaningful work.  Thank you @ National Academy of Medicine.

You can sign up to join the movement:
hashtag#ClimateActionforHealth hashtag#criticalclimateaction hashtag#healthcarecollaborative