2023 Sustainability Partnership Awards

An exciting start to the new year with NewGen Surgical shortlisted for the 2023 Sustainability Partnerships Awards in not only one but two categories! Nominated for the Circular Economy Award and the Sustainable MedTech Innovation of the Year Award, NewGen Surgical is thrilled to share the stage with organizations leading sustainable change in the healthcare sector and driving a greener future for the NHS and the people and planet.

NewGen Surgical’s mission is to provide circular solutions to the healthcare space by replacing single-use plastic disposables with upcycled, bio-based alternatives. The company has spent over a decade ensuring its products are at the same quality and clinical performance as traditional, plastic disposables, and it’s an honor to be recognized for these achievements.

The awards ceremony will take place on January 31, 2024.  Learn more and register for the ceremony here: https://www.sustainabilitypartnerships.uk/upcoming-events/the-2023-sustainability-awards