NewGen Surgical interns working for a better, greener world

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Safety and Sustainability

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2018 Green Arrow Award for System and Design Innovations

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The Why in What We Do


Introducing a climate-smart commitment to reduce plastic waste in healthcare.

Working together to eliminate plastic waste...creating healthier communities for today and tomorrow.

Greenhealth Exchange now offering NewGen Surgical products to reduce plastic waste from the O.R.

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Caring. Green your operations with our sustainably designed products.

Performance. You can trust our sustainably designed products.

Sustainably Designed Products for Greener Operations

Greening health care with sustainably designed medical devices and products

NewGen Surgical, Inc. designs and manufactures medical devices and products. Through a process we call Smart Sustainable Design™, single-use O.R. products are redesigned to offer sustainability, value, and performance. Our focus is on the many single-use products used in the millions that end up in the landfill or get incinerated, creating unhealthy impacts in communities around the globe.

Climate-smart purchasing
Health care_earth
Connecting health
People. Planet. Patients.
Measurably reduce your plastic waste

NewGen Surgical is
Smart Sustainable Design


Medical professionals

Understanding the connection between your patient’s symptoms, their environment and sustainable healthcare practices.


Use your mission of climate-smart commitments to drive staff retention and engagement - and plastic waste reduction.

Smart purchasing

Your purchasing power can eliminate thousands of pounds of plastic waste with one of the lowest conversion costs.

Resource management

Surgical products that align with your healthcare values of protecting human, community and planet health.

NewGen Surgical attends, exhibits, sponsors and presents at healthcare, medical device and sustainability events. Connect with us at the following events.