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New Year, Time to Act.
Collaboration and Acceleration are a Must.

With the new year underway, it is a perfect time to reflect and explore opportunities in healthcare sustainability in 2023 and beyond. Industries around the world are mobilizing to reach global net-zero goals. The healthcare sector is no exception.

Healthcare Steps Up

As our communities and healthcare facilities increasingly feel the growing impacts of climate change, healthcare sustainability leaders across the sector are rapidly responding to meet science-based targets of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Leaders are calling for standard and transparent reporting of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions across the entire sector. They are aligning regulatory and financial pathways to facilitate investment in products and processes that reduce carbon emissions through better raw materials and maximal efficiency.

Collaboration across the sector is built around shared best practices and meaningful solutions. Importantly, partnership for the goals is critical for large-scale market transformation. Look for our case studies soon to be published. In one, we will share how one of the largest distributors in the world switched an entire product line to our plant-based product for a maximum environmental benefit for them and their many customers. We will also take a deep dive into the facility level- where one system replaced one product line across all hospitals. Partnerships like these are critical to climate-smart procurement, where the benefits are built into the products themselves.

While Scope 3 emissions are identified as the most difficult class of emissions to address, purchased goods (Scope 3 category) carry embedded energy and carbon in their production, use, and disposal; up to 71% of healthcare CO2 total. When you consider 85% of all medical equipment is plastic and plastic is set to outpace coal as a climate change driver by 2030, it makes sense that attention to climate-smart products and purchasing would be key to addressing healthcare’s footprint today.

NewGen Surgical has shown that decarbonization of healthcare products is not only possible but is a smart innovation. Sourcing raw materials from plant-based agricultural byproducts is a low-carbon input in place of single-use plastic and a model of Smart Sustainable Design™️ that can transform healthcare and the planet. With 300+ million surgical procedures per year, bio-based products can replace plastic in every procedure, making a scalable, impactful solution.

Company News

NewGen Surgical joined more than 100 organizations committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and building more climate-resilient infrastructure in signing the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Pledge in partnership with the White House. Notable is a unique position that our company offers the signatories – healthcare systems solutions to buy products that can help meet their goals as we offer products with lower Scope 3 carbon and a specialized, transparent calculator to determine what that is. The pledge was highlighted at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) to celebrate challenging private health systems to match or exceed emission reduction goals set under the Biden Administration and to build climate considerations into the future of healthcare.


Health Sector Commitments to Emissions Reduction and Resilience

NewGen Surgical Accepted as a National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Organization

NewGen Surgical was accepted as a NAM network organization for the decarbonizing healthcare collaborative, joining 110 other organizations around the world committed to addressing climate change and ensuring a sustainable and resilient health sector with the National Academy of Medicine.


Action Collaborative on Decarbonizing the U.S. Health Sector


Product News

Two Years in Development, the NGS Compartment Trays for Ophthalmology Set to be Released

Designed to meet the highest clinical needs in the surgical setting, the NewGen Surgical one-compartment tray and two-compartment tray were developed in partnership with a leading healthcare system focusing on their ophthalmology procedures. According to an interview by Ocular Surgery News with Kara C. LaMattina, MD, ophthalmology practices, both in the operating room and in the clinic, rely widely on single-use plastic. The NewGen Surgical compartment trays are designed to be an excellent clinical alternative. Like most NewGen Surgical products, these specialty surgical trays are made with upcycled material from the sugarcane harvest: a circular solution that reduces plastic, eliminates chemicals of concern, and lowers the built-in carbon, compared to plastic comparable products.

Get to Know Us

Mentorship is Key to our Mission

During her internship, Sharon learned about the manufacturing process of NewGen Surgical products, the Small Change Big Impact (SCBI) Program, how plastic medical devices could be redesigned with biodegradable material and maintain clinical performance, and how valuable the use of biodegradables is not only for the future of healthcare but for the future of our planet.

NewGen Surgical offers internships and advisory board seats throughout the year and over the summer. Please contact info@newgensurgical.com

Third-Party Tested and Certified

We don’t just want our customers to take our word for it; our commitment to transparency and science-based data about our products is of critical importance to us.

NewGen Surgical Earns USDA Certified Biobased Label on All Products

NewGen Surgical earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product label on all product lines as the first company to have O.R. essentials, healthcare packaging, and patient care products to be certified through the Program.

NewGen Surgical 5500cc Ring Basin is the First Product to Be Recognized by New GreenScreen Standard for Healthcare Sector

Clean Production Action (CPA) announced their First-Ever GreenScreen Certified™ Standard for Medical Supplies & Devices with NewGen Surgical at the forefront of the pilot program. The company was awarded a Bronze+ certification on their 100% bio-based Surgical Ring Basin, an OR essential used in the millions.

In the News

Healthcare Purchasing News

NewGen Surgical’s Founder and CEO, Rob Chase, was featured in Healthcare Purchasing News’ annual sustainability articles to speak alongside executives focused on sustainability and how the healthcare industry must move towards environmental stewardship for the well-being of our planet, and the people that the industry serves.

Why Not simply Do Nothing About Sustainability in Healthcare?

How Might Healthcare Supply Chain Stake Claim on Sustainability?

Options and Starting Points for Relevant and Useful Sustainability Project and Programs

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