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“NewGen Surgical is really leading the way in rethinking product design for the O.R.”

-PhD Environmental Scientist

“It’s as good as any product I’ve used in the O.R. The founding heuristics of this company to move us toward a more sustainable product is really exciting.”
- ER Physician

“I’m really excited about this new stapler because it’s going to help us reduce a lot of plastic in the O.R. The stapler is exactly on par with what you would expect from any of the other staplers that we’re currently using.” - Surgical Tech

I see this is going to be the beginning of a series of products hopefully that are all sustainable. I think NewGen Surgical has done a great job of positioning the company to do something that really hasn't been done before"

-Cardiac Physician


As a medical professional, you see first hand the plastic waste being generated in the OR and other areas of the hospital. A common theme we hear is how understanding a patient’s symptom and their environment now go hand in hand. You just can’t treat a patient’s asthma without understanding how poor air quality affects their health. As one OR Manager we work with said, “Our primary responsibility is patient care, and yet we recognize the unhealthy environmental impact of the waste and pollution generated in the OR." Patient health and environmental health are related.

Many medical professionals, like yourself, have expressed a need for a less wasteful, more sustainable way.  At NewGen Surgical, we heard you. We also heard your priority is the healthy outcome of surgical procedures for your patients. You can depend on our commitment of clinical performance and device efficacy - with the additional benefit that the product you are using measurably reduce unhealthy plastic waste.


This past year, there has been an increased emphasis on the connection of healthy patients, people and communities to environmental health. And the recognition of the industry’s contribution - and opportunities to help mitigate healthcare pollution. A combination of associations, publications, challenges and policies, such as Practice Greenhealth, Health Care Without Harm, UNEP, The Lancet, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, and the Paris Agreement, have pushed the topic of healthcare and climate change to the forefront.

“For improved planetary health to be realized it is important that sectors that are impacted by environmental change, such as health, take a proactive role in understanding their own environmental impact. It is no longer sufficient to simply quantify the problems we face; health-care systems need to be much more effective stewards of the resources placed at their disposal.”

The Lancet, Carbon footprinting in health systems: one small step towards planetary health, Vol 1, December 2017

We share your concern about the pollution and environmental impact of plastic waste and are committed to rethinking and redesigning single-use disposable surgical products. It’s the very reason we founded NewGen Surgical; to be a part of the solution.


According to the US EPA, the most environmentally and cost-effective approach to waste is source reduction and reuse, which should be emphasized wherever possible. Source reduction, also referred to as pollution prevention, means any practice that reduces or eliminates waste at the source. NewGen Surgical approaches source reduction through product redesign and raw material substitution known as upcycling. Upcycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products for better environmental value. This reduction of new raw materials for new products results in a reduction of energy usage, air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.


Greener Operations with NewGen Surgical

Our products are designed to replace existing plastic, single-use, disposable products without interrupting the workflow of the hospital, surgical procedures or disposal processes. They are made with a post-agricultural by-product and offer an alternative to petroleum-derived products. Because of their sustainability qualities, the environmental impacts throughout the life cycle is reduced, from a decrease in energy used for production to the ability to decompose. NewGen Surgical products are free of chemicals of concern listed on environmentally preferred purchasing scorecards for healthcare, and the packaging can be recycled if the services are available.

Your purchasing power and influence as the user of these many products in your surgical suite, can eliminate thousands of pounds of plastic waste with one of the lowest conversion costs. The investment of time and training are minimal when a similar single-use disposable surgical product is switched to one made with sustainable material. Knowing the NewGen Surgical product line is sustainably designed, you’re doing your part to green the OR by reducing the contribution to plastic pollution.

Skin Staplers

Our first product, the NewGen Surgical NGS35W Skin Stapler offers improvements in sustainability from single-use disposable plastic staplers. Designed by an experienced medical device team, led by Rob Chase, Dr. Barry Gardiner and Paul Kardel, using cradle-to-cradle consideration, you’ll appreciate the clinical performance, efficacy, and reduction in plastic. Ergonomically designed with the patented stapling mechanism that features a reduced force to fire for ease of use. Light in your hand. Light on the planet.


Needle Counters

Originally introduced as a plastic waste concern by a nursing professional, our team led by Rob Chase and Ken Blier, with our Medical Director Dr. Regal and on-site clinical design validations, reimagined a product that could make an impact in any EPP or sustainability commitment at your hospital.



Ordering Information

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 Small Change, Big Impact

When you buy plastic, you dispose of plastic. Join our Small Change, Big Impact EPP program and make a measurable commitment to reduce your plastic waste. This program tracks your use of NewGen Surgical’s sustainably designed, single-use medical devices and surgical products and provides healthcare leaders a platform to measure the reduction of plastic waste generated from their hospital or system. Every piece of plastic matters. Working together we can make a measurable impact.