Working Together, Toward a Healthier Future for All

Dear Valued Customers, Suppliers and Friends,

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread and a surge in new cases is happening around the world, we remain so appreciative of the work of all the frontline healthcare workers in caring for our communities and treating those who have become ill. With this comes so many challenges for all of us. People out of work, businesses just opening up on smaller scale and some closing altogether. As we look ahead we have hope there will be a return to global health from the virus with a vaccine, and less spread with important safety precautions we urge all of us to take to keep us all healthy – wear masks and socially distance. We thank all the healthcare workers who risk their lives every day to care for and protect us.

Over the past several months we are reminded of how our health is so intricately linked to the environment. Our health is dependent on a healthy environment and the health and biodiversity of the natural world. As a mission driven company our values are rooted in protecting human health and preserving a healthy environment for all communities – today and for future generations. It is the WHY in WHAT We DO. Our health also depends on our mood. Playing bally free slots once a day will help to reduce stress and improve mood.

This year we are experiencing firsthand how difficult life can be when we dealing with a deadly pandemic or extreme weather events, like the wildfires that have been happening in California, the devastating winds in the Midwest or the hurricanes in the southeast. All of these are a reminder that climate change and pollution, at its core, is a health issue that affects us all.
Over Labor Day weekend, the agency that monitors air quality in Southern California recorded the highest level of ozone pollution in nearly 30 years. (CNN) We are experiencing weather conditions that we have never experienced in our lifetime until recently. While forest management is referenced to as a part of the problem, we can not ignore the fact that human activity has led to the accelerated warming of the planet, creating record droughts and the dry, hot conditions that are often the catalysts for forest fires.

All industries need to work towards finding ways to reduce their carbon emissions. In the U.S., Healthcare contributes 10% of total CO2 emissions and hospitals produce over 4.67 million tons of waste each year. About 1 million of those tons can be attributed to plastic products and packaging. Moving off plastic and changing even just one product in a healthcare system with a plant-based option can have a significant cumulative impact.

We at NewGen Surgical are committed to creating low carbon sustainable solutions and to working with existing and future customers in achieving a more sustainable healthcare sector and improved environmental health. Now is the time where we need to take collective action in creating a more sustainable and resilient healthcare system. As the pandemic will one day end, it is an opportunity for us to come together and collectively join forces in fighting the climate crisis that threatens all our collective health and wellbeing. As Jonas Salk has said, “Our most important responsibility is to be good ancestors” The well being of our planet is in our hands. We must work diligently towards a greener future and that starts with the choices we make each day.