Why not simply do nothing about sustainability in healthcare?

The United States of America may have sustained the existence of the “Know-Nothing Party” in the mid-1850s, but here in the early 21st century apprehension, cynicism, indifference, procrastination and skepticism are among the culprits of a “Do-Nothing Party” when it comes to implementing sustainability projects and programs within healthcare organizations.

While plenty of hospitals and nonacute care facilities have implemented sustainability efforts through the years, plenty more have yet to do it with the naysayers typically using budgets, economics and priorities as motivation for their eco-friendly malaise.

Still, by and large, the healthcare industry seems to lumber along at a glacial, if not snail’s, pace and remains in operation for millions upon millions of patients. So what if much of the industry did nothing about the environment and just maintained the status quo on sustainability?

After posing that question you’d think you lit the fuse of a powder keg, albeit a fuse made from sustainable organic hemp, of course.”

Healthcare sustainability leaders speak on why we can’t sit and wait on implementing change and that real progress must happen now.


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Oct. 26, 2022