Quality Assurance

We push without reservation for exceptional product quality and reliability through efficient and consistent procedures.

NewGen Surgical is dedicated to providing exceptional customer value by consistently providing high-quality healthcare products and services that meet the needs of our customers. Our delivery of routine and excellent value does not come at the cost of our quality; NewGen Surgical adheres to regulatory requirements and maintains the effectiveness of Quality Control. We are dedicated to improving our goods, services, business processes, and commercial connections on a constant basis. We will achieve these goals by establishing and sustaining a quality-driven atmosphere, as well as implementing our Quality Assurance strategy with our valued customers and community.

The NewGen Surgical
Approach to Quality

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Our Core Quality Values

We develop trust by focusing on Environment, Competencies, Accountability, and People.


Quality is built on the foundation of culture. We support quality actively and positively. We have a customer-focused, philosophy-centered attitude at NewGen Surgical, and our employees set the stage at each level.


Our R&D, Distribution Network, and Manufacturing teams are inspired to plan, produce, and supply the correct product with the best performance every time. NewGen Surgical has the power to drive innovation, develop competitive solutions, and consistently meet quality requirements.


At NewGen Surgical, everyone is an asset to our quality control system and must understand their responsibilities in ensuring reliability. We have Quality Requirements to help us reach regulatory compliance, maintain consistency, and mitigate risk. We focus on continuously advancing our goods and services to establish these standards.


Our capacity to provide people and hospitals with quality products while simultaneously reducing healthcare's impact on the earth is directly influenced by every one of our actions. Our attentiveness to customers enables us to identify their needs and provide solutions to increase value and improve customer satisfaction.

"We maintain that our first commitment is to surgeons, nurses, surgical technicians, clinicians and all who use our products. To ensure expectations are met, we must operate at the highest standards. As a result, Quality is at the core of our corporate objectives, and it defines Quality development at NewGen Surgical for uninterrupted success and prosperity."


Rob Chase

Founder & CEO


Sara Webster

Director of Quality and Regulatory


Peter Szyperski

VP, Engineering & Operations

Quality Resources