Plastics Today features NewGen Surgical in article on sustainably designed single-use devices

PlasticsToday highlights NewGen Surgical in its dedication to using plant-based materials to design and develop sustainable medical products.

“We have expectations of efficacy and safety in medical products that are brought to market; should we also factor in sustainability? ‘Absolutely’, says Rob Chase, founder and President of NewGen Surgical, a medical products company based in San Rafael, CA.

Single-use medical devices and surgical products have dramatically improved medical care by minimizing opportunities for hospital-acquired infections and cross contamination and, in many instances, have reduced cost. Polymers are used overwhelmingly in the fabrication of disposable devices and that has led to a proliferation of plastics in medical-care facilities. To some, that’s a problem.

“The medical device industry needs to continue to innovate and create products that save lives and shorten recovery times with less pain, but it also needs to focus on embedding sustainability throughout the healthcare continuum,” says Chase. “This includes focusing on plastic disposable products, which are used in the millions and are destined for landfill or incineration.”

Chase characterizes his approach as smart sustainable design—a “deep dive” into thinking about the resources we are using in healthcare and how the supply chain impacts the environment. “There is a growing need in the industry for products that offer performance, clinical efficacy and economic value, but with the added benefit of being environmentally more sustainable,” says Chase.”


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