Healthcare Systems Eliminate Over One Ton of Waste this Plastic Free July with NewGen Surgical’s Plant-Based Products

Plastic waste is a critical issue in healthcare. One million tons1  of single-use plastic waste is generated by the U.S. healthcare system each year.

To help break this pattern, NewGen Surgical offers plant-based redesigned essentials for the OR. “Each year we’ve added our efforts and Small Change Big Impact program to the signed the Plastic Free July pledge against plastic. It a great example of an IMPACT campaign that is scalable against a giant plastic pollution problem”, said Kimberlee-Luedee Chase Co-founder.

Over 300 million other individuals and businesses worldwide also took part in the event. The global movement has inspired members to rethink the role plastic plays in their daily lives. In 2020, contributors avoided an estimated 1.98 billion pounds2 of plastic waste in total.

This year, participants in 177 countries refused single-use plastics and opted for plastic-free alternatives. They each reduced or recycled about 46 pounds3 of plastic on average with their actions.

The workplace was one campaign focus area. Plastic Free July encouraged businesses to take stock of their waste and improve their sourcing and procurement practices.

NewGen Surgical was up to the campaign’s challenge.

In July, we worked with 150 hospitals and healthcare providers to replace their fossil fuel-based plastic with a biodegradable, up-cycled plant-based alternative in their medical devices and other healthcare products.

And, we made a difference.

Together, we eliminated over 1 ton of plastic in July alone. Luedee-Chase added, “Our business is founded on the mission for a more sustainable, plastic-free healthcare. This event highlighted how alternatives to single-use plastic in healthcare are needed more than ever. Our efforts contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 11, 12, 14, and 15 (sustainable cities and communities, responsible production and consumption, life below water, and life on land).”

At NewGen Surgical, we believe every month is a plastic-free month

These changes are made to last. Eighty-five percent of the Plastic Free July campaign participants plan to maintain their newly formed plastic-free practices.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

At NewGen Surgical, we believe every month is a plastic-free month! Contact us to see how we can help your hospital or healthcare center assess and reduce its plastic waste by switching to our plant-based essentials.

We encourage providers to join us on the path to plastic-free healthcare. Our collective efforts to reduce plastic waste can contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system and a healthier planet.

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