NewGen Surgical Introduces Sustainably Designed O.R. Basins

100% Plant-Based Products Designed to Reduce The 1 Million Tons of Plastic Waste in U.S. Healthcare.

San Rafael, California, April 2, 2019 – NewGen Surgical, Inc., a leading producer of sustainably designed medical devices and surgical products, announced today a new product line of O.R. Basins that include a Ring Basin and an Emesis Basin.

The NewGen Surgical basins are designed to deliver excellent clinical performance while eliminating the use of non-renewable plastics by using plant-based materials.

“These latest products are designed to help our customers meet their climate-smart procurement goals, eliminating single-use plastic disposables with environmentally safer materials,” said Rob Chase, Founder and President of NewGen Surgical. “With the healthcare sector moving toward sustainability in both resource management and sustainable practices, this selection of basins used in most surgical procedures, will help guide the transition to healthier products with a measurable reduction in plastic waste reducing the environmental impact.”

On average, one system can use up to 100,000 basins annually, and converting to sustainable materials can eliminate a significant amount of plastic from the supply chain and waste stream. NewGen Surgical products offer upstream, easy-to-achieve plastic pollution reduction solutions for sustainably minded healthcare systems.  Although, healthcare plastic can be recycled, this delays, rather than avoids, final disposal. While millions of plastic basins accumulate in landfills and take centuries to decompose, NewGen Surgical’s plant-based materials biodegrade.

The NewGen Surgical O.R. Basins have been highly rated in their pre-market clinical evaluations.  One surgical nurse said, “It was an admirable and easy transition from plastic. The product was designed well and durable with a great measuring tool.”

NewGen Surgical O.R. basins are free of BPA and BPA derived plastics, mercury, phthalates and PVC because all materials considered for products are vetted with NewGen Surgical’s comprehensive Smart Sustainable Design approach. The design process adheres to NewGen Surgical’s Green Chemistry Policy, which aims to eliminate chemicals of toxicity, reduce the use of nonrenewable resources, and minimizes plastic waste entering the landfill or incinerator.

One million tons of the annual waste from U.S. healthcare can be attributed to plastic, according to the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council. Using NewGen Surgical’s basins, one ton of plastic waste can be eliminated for every 7,500 ring basins or 35,000 emesis basins. These products are used in the millions annually.  By using sustainable feedstock compared to the leading O.R. plastic basins, both the ring and emesis basins reduce Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas emissions by more than 80 percent.

NewGen Surgical’s Small Change Big Impact EPP program is committed to eliminating 500 tons of plastic waste and a reduction of Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas emissions by 1,000 metric tons CO2e by 2022. The new Ring Basin and Emesis Basin further aids NewGen Surgical’s mission to reduce plastic in the supply chain of operating rooms by redesigning single-use disposable products.

The new basins are is available for surgical packs through major distributors, or direct from NewGen Surgical.

About NewGen Surgical, Inc.

NewGen Surgical, Inc. develops and manufactures sustainably designed, single-use disposable medical devices and products to reduce plastic waste in healthcare. NewGen Surgical offers hospitals a solution to their sustainability initiatives with the Small Change, Big Impact EPP program – a climate-smart procurement commitment to measurably reduce plastic waste in healthcare. Founded in 2012 in the San Francisco Bay Area, NewGen Surgical is a member of Practice Green health’s Greening the OR® Initiative and Think Beyond Plastic Accelerator, a recipient of the California Product Stewardship Council 2018 Green Arrow Award, was commended in the 2015 Circular Economy Awards of the Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum, and a finalist at the 2018 Sustainability Leaders Awards and the 2017 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open. For more information, visit

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