Medical Device Design Veteran and Innovator, Ken Blier Joins NewGen Surgical, Inc. as Vice President of Product Development

Dr Anne-Marie RegalMarch 15, 2016 – San Rafael, California – NewGen Surgical, Inc., announced that Ken Blier has joined the company as Vice President of Product Development. Mr. Blier will focus on new product innovation and operations. He will provide direction and feedback on the development of clinically effective, sustainably designed surgical products.

During his successful career, Ken worked with industry-leading companies and start-ups driven to introduce groundbreaking surgical instruments and procedures to the Healthcare industry. He has been in the medical device field for over 18 years creating devices for companies such as Covidien, Philips Medical and other startup companies. He has extensive OR and clinical experience in surgical procedures and equipment.

“Ken’s experience designing, developing and commercializing medical devices will further help position NewGen Surgical as a pioneer of sustainably designed, single-use medical devices and surgical products. With a number of products in various stages of development, Ken will be invaluable in driving them to commercial release.” said Rob Chase, Founder and President of NewGen Surgical, Inc.

“NewGen Surgical is a progressive and innovative company with a mission of designing and manufacturing sustainable products that will reduce energy, non-renewable resource use, and plastic pollution in hospitals,” said Ken Blier. “Being a part of such a dynamic company leading the charge for reimagining product design at a time when there is a growing market need and demand for sustainable medical devices and products is incredibly exciting.”

Mr. Chase added, “Working with Ken over the past year, as a consultant, clearly showed me what an asset it would be to have him part of our team at NewGen Surgical. Ken is a top engineer able to bring our innovative sustainable design concepts through commercial release and launch. Ken’s location in Connecticut is ideal, as he is close to our fabrication and tooling companies, which are so critical to successful product development especially with our highest priority on clinical efficacy and excellent performance, using new innovative materials in our designs. “

Ken holds Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of New Haven; Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from University of Connecticut; and has been an Adjunct Professor in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Departments in various Connecticut colleges and universities for over 12 years. In addition to his academic credentials, Ken has a passion for writing and has authored several technical articles in engineering publications. He also recommends free writing tools like Papertyper to his students and peers for improving their writing skills.

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