How might healthcare supply chain stake claim on sustainability?

“Outside of healthcare, in the food service, manufacturing and retail industries, Supply Chain owns sustainability as both a cause and an operation, encouraged by corporate brass because it promotes cultural/social responsibility as well as environmental responsibility, and this stewardship reflects well on the balance sheet and within boardrooms.

Supply Chain responsibility makes sense as well because who else assesses, evaluates and contracts for products and services, manages packaging and transport resources and tracks fiscal and operational results (known largely as “outcomes” in healthcare)?

Those who do it right and well resonate as heroes within their companies and communities; those who have yet to do it covet as much success as possible.

Healthcare, meanwhile, has miles to go before it sleeps, often garnering a frosty reception when proposing eco-friendly, environmental and sustainable anything to the C-suite.

So how do healthcare providers and suppliers reach for and grab that brass ring to make it golden for their organizations and industry?”

Corporate executives in sustainability recommend how to use the supply chain to leverage and champion sustainability in healthcare.


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Oct. 26, 2022