Let’s Do This! Highlights from 2019 and Looking Ahead in 2020

by Rob Chase, Founder & President

As 2020 begins, it is a great time to share company developments, reflect, and take a moment to express gratitude. It is an honor to serve the communities that heal and nurture health of people, planet and all living things. Whether you are a customer that has been with NewGen Surgical since the beginning or recently joining our commitment to eliminating 500 Tons of plastic waste by 2022, or a supporter – together we are creating a healthier future for today and tomorrow.

These are serious times. We are all asked to do our part. Climate change is the largest threat facing the world. One of the major drivers to accelerated climate change and environmental degradation is single-use plastic – production, use, and disposal.

We founded NewGen Surgical to specifically address the tons of plastic waste from single-use disposable healthcare products. Plastic pollution is a major threat to the environment and the delicate ecosystem of the entire planet. Plastic has been found in the most remote locations – the top of Mount Everest to the depths of the oceans. Plastic has even found its way into the unborn child via the umbilical cord. It is estimated that each one of us is breathing or ingesting about a credit card worth of plastic each week. Check out what this looks like: Ingesting how much?

Plastic pollution permeates the foundations of healthy communities. For each of us social responsibility means being absolutely committed and working for a healthy climate for all. Climate change, worsening storms, fires, and plastic pollution impacts some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world to a worse degree than anywhere else. The most affected and most disadvantaged groups include children, elderly, people with illnesses, and low-income communities who are at the highest risk to a worsening environment to live in. This is such an important part of our mission and we call it:


I am incredibly proud of the hard work our team has put into the development and release of sustainably designed healthcare products. Working together with our customers we are creating and supporting a new supply chain centered on the use of renewable materials.What we do together, makes a difference, has impact and is measurable. A recent study completed by Healthcare Without Harm titled, Health Care’s Climate Footprint, states that 10% of all US Greenhouse Gas Emissions are attributed to Healthcare. 71% of this total is directly related to Scope 3 GHG emissions – those emissions that are embedded in the products, services and supply chain.

This is particularly important because as healthcare mobilizes to combat climate change we can have an immediate impact with a source reduction of plastic in the procurement of products. It is one of the easiest, lowest cost and most impactful ways to start to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the related Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Over the past year, we have seen hospital systems join together to form alliances in reducing emissions and fighting climate change. In California, the California Health Care Climate Alliance was formed by Sutter Health, UC Health, Providence Health, Kaiser Permanente and Dignity Health. Just this past month a similar coalition of hospitals in Washington State formed the Washington Health Care Climate Alliance. These actions along with commitments to the We Are Still In Campaign demonstrate the drive and determination of healthcare to be part of the solution to climate change and for the medical device industry are leading indicators to change that will be necessary for decarbonizing the supply chain. We will continue to work with the many health systems who have shared values and commitments in achieving meaningful carbon reduction goals. When we work together, we have the power, passion to influence, and the ability to drive change for a better future for all.

One customer, has now had a major impact toward their goal of eliminating 15 Tons of plastic in their healthcare supply chain and custom procedure packs. They made one small product change and the impact has added up to measurable results that are impressive. Together, with all our customers we have reduced plastic waste from the O.R. by 17,084 pounds/ 8.54 tons and reduced over 13,705 kg/ 13 metric tons Scope 3 CO2e GHG emissions with more sustainable feedstock. This is equivalent to an average passenger car driving across the U.S. about 14 times. And we’re just getting started.

Other highlights of the past year include the release of the Standard Basin and Bowl Kits. This is the 3rd product release of the year following the Procedure Kit Packaging Trays, Ring Basins, Emesis Basins, and Sponge Bowls.  These new products we are calling Big Impact lines. Our surgical trays are a 100% replacement of polystyrene (Styrofoam) that is used and discarded by the tons every single day in custom procedure packs.

Healthcare is on the frontlines of caring for patients impacted by climate change and is acting by mobilizing to decarbonize all areas of business from purchasing local food, purchasing more sustainable products and supplies, and transitioning to renewable energy. This is a new reality of how businesses are adapting to combat the impacts of climate change and how our products are part of the solution. NewGen Surgical is an important voice rethinking and reimaging how we can further provide solutions for a more climate-resilient healthcare community.

We appreciate the collaboration with multiple healthcare systems, hospitals, distributors and sustainability leaders across the world.

I had the opportunity to speak at national and global conferences and meetings to collaborate on shared goals and share our successes and experiences in bringing sustainability to the Operating Room. As a supporter of NewGen Surgical, I am happy to share that you are joined by so many others across the world. It’s inspiring to me, and to all of us at NewGen Surgical and keeps us going – hearing the many voices directly from the clinical and medical professionals on the front lines – in the O.R., at the hospital and those who see first hand the waste and ask for action.

We consider all of us, and you on the front lines in healthcare, making change happen, the real Climate Healthcare Heroes. Making change when the status quo is the easiest route takes a commitment to do what it takes to make the change one feels strongly about. Working with some of the most determined leaders at these leading healthcare systems and hospitals is what gives us all here drive and commitment to do as much as we can. I am happy to share that our products are available through leading distributors in the USA and soon directly on Amazon.

As I reflect on 2019 and our company achievements, we must also look at 2020 and the challenges that lie ahead to make big impacts for cleaner and healthier healthcare operations.  We appreciate your ongoing and continued support.  We value the trust you have put in our products and your care, service, and compassion.

Thank you for a great 2019 and here is to an even more momentous 2020!

Kindest regards,
Rob Chase
Founder & President

NewGen Surgical, Inc.
Ph: (415) 457-1138 x 3201