Healthcare Purchasing News names NGSNC Needle Counter a product pick for May 2018

By HPN Online –

Sustainable needle counter

NewGen Surgical’s latex-free, Prop 65-compliant sustainable needle counter combines good clinical performance with a sustainable, plant-based material for eco-conscious healthcare providers. Features include easy-to-read numbers for securing of needles, a secure latch with audible closure feedback, compliance with OSHA requirements and ASTM F2132 for puncture resistance, and its red color signifies that it’s a biohazard item. Free of intentionally added BPA or BPA derived plastics, mercury, phthalates, and PVC, for every 12,500 needle counters the NewGen Surgical needle counter means 1,000 pounds of plastic waste can be eliminated; and 100 percent of the sterile packaging is recyclable.


Eco-friendly silent vacuum

The new TASKI AERO tub vacuum cleaner by Diversy for commercial use offers a patented ultra-silent, whisper technology with an advanced selection of features. The AERO range delivers reliable and efficient cleaning at a peak noise rating of 66 decibels (db), making it an ideal choice for both daytime and nighttime cleaning. The energy-saving compact design is available in the TASKI AERO 8 plus and 15 plus models with integrated cable winding, full dust bag indicator and an Eco mode button. In Eco mode, noise emission can fall below 63db and energy consumption decreases by roughly 50 percent to 300 watts.


Point-of-care mammography system

The recently FDA-cleared MAMMOMAT Revelation is an innovative mammography platform from Siemens Healthineers that has a new InSpect integrated specimen imaging tool and HD Breast Biopsy solution for one-click targeting of suspicious areas. The 3D HD Breast Biopsy enables more targeted, accurate biopsies and an automated breast density measurement for immediate risk stratification at the point-of-care. MAMMOMAT Revelation’s InSpect integrated specimen imaging tool permits imaging and real-time review of biopsy samples at the workstation. This tool improves biopsy workflow, shortens compression time, and reduces patient discomfort. The 50-degree image acquisition angle delivers the industry’s highest depth resolution for better separation of overlapping breast tissue, providing high-quality 3D images for improved diagnostic confidence and earlier lesion detection.


Sonic tank hook

Healthmark Industries just announced the addition of the SonoCheck Hook to its ProFormance Cleaning Verification product line. Manufactured from stainless steel, the SonoCheck™ Hook is designed to keep the SonoCheck™ in position to prevent movement by vibrations, allowing the user to check the different zones of the sonic tank. Simply attach the SonoCheck™ to the hook, insert into the sonic tank, run the equipment as directed in the SonoCheck™ IFU.


Percutaneous tenotomy system for chronic tendon pain

HydroCision, Inc.’s TenJet Percutaneous Tenotomy System (now distributed by Konica Minolta Healthcare) for minimally invasive tenotomy procedures is an all-in-one tool for needling, debridement and lavage of diseased tendon tissue under ultrasound guidance. The HydroCision method delivers a miniaturized, high velocity stream of sterile saline to a surgical site while simultaneously enabling a Venturi suction effect to cut and remove tissue of various densities in a minimally invasive manner. Unlike laser or radiofrequency technologies, TenJet delivers a non-thermal stream of saline, which eliminates the risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Appropriate for all joints, including the shoulder.

 Ultrasound gel warmer 

NEXT Medical Products Company recently launched an ultrasound gel warmer designed specifically for single patient packets of gel. The Ultrasound Gel Packet Warmer for Clear Image Singles Ultrasound Gel packets and other brands has been carefully designed for both clinical satisfaction and patient comfort. It has three temperature controls and accommodates 35 to 40 gel packets. Proprietary warming controls maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day. A built-in safety feature helps prevent the warmer from reaching temperatures above the selected setting. The user can quickly verify warmer temperature by viewing the digital display.

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