European Conference on Plastics

NewGen Surgical will participate in the Beyond Plastic Accelerator Innovation Showcase hosted at the European Conference on Plastics in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, December 8-9, 2016. NewGen Surgical will have the opportunity to share on an international platform how we use Smart Sustainable Design™ to redesign surgical products with more sustainable materials on the front end to achieve a source reduction of plastic used and a reduction of plastic pollution in the environment.

The European Conference on Plastics is led by the parties from the Plastic Value Chain Agreement and the European Commission. With dedicated people and experts from the entire plastics value chain, the attendees will come together for two days to create real circular breakthroughs which will be incorporated in the EU Strategy on Plastics.

Issues covered include:
• Insights of shared responsibility
• Innovation in mixed plastic
• Return systems (smart collection)
• Redesign flexible packaging for better recycling
• Micro plastics in textiles
• Technical lifespan vs economic lifespan vs user phase
• Incineration vs recycling
• Consort biodegradables

The Beyond Plastic Accelerator Innovation Showcase on the evening of Thursday, December 8, is hosted by US-based Think Beyond Plastic and Netherlands-based Enviu. Together, they have set up a global program to support a broad range of promising entrepreneurs in developing business solutions and cultivating the investment engine to support innovation in materials, manufacturing and product design that address the plastic waste issue. The showcase will feature a selection of ten 2014-2016 members of the Think Beyond Plastic Accelerator program. NewGen Surgical, a 2014 program member, will share how they applied Smart Sustainable Design™ to create a plastic alternative for single-use disposable products used in operating rooms.

Kimberlee Luedee-Chase, Vice President of Marketing and Communications of NewGen Surgical said, “This showcase is a great platform for the many companies doing business in the emerging model for eliminating plastic pollution. We’re looking forward to interacting with innovators from around the EU market. We’ve witnessed an increase of companies across the world doing great things in the sustainability sector. We are honored to be invited.”