Sutter Health CPMC SF turns earth day into earth week celebration

In celebration of Earth Day, the “Green Team” of Sutter Health CPMC Pacific Campus O.R. San Francisco will be hosting a week of activities and interactive exhibits, April 23-27.

Activities will create awareness of how small sustainable changes can help “green” the O.R. and lead nurses to be more conscious as the “Green Team”. NewGen Surgical will be showcasing our line of sustainably designed products in a mini exhibit opened on the floor of the O.R. for healthcare professionals to see the possibilities of environmental impacts and solutions they can utilize. Rob Chase will share his insights on the trends shaping the future of healthcare and sustainability during a presentation on Friday to culminate the week-long celebration of Earth Day.

“Our aim is to bring awareness, educate and empower medical staff to think critically and creatively about sustainability’s role inside the O.R. and in healthcare in general,” said Rob Chase, President of NewGen Surgical and participant at the educational sessions. “The more healthcare professionals can visualize incorporating sustainable thinking into the O.R setting, and their everyday lives, the greater chance we have to create long-lasting positive change in the healthcare for us and for our children.”


The education collaboration and partnership between CPMC Sutter Health San Francisco and NewGen Surgical during the Earth Day week-long celebration and activities, aims to serve as a catalyst for sustainable growth and medical products innovation.

“The celebration, lecture and exhibits highlight the importance of greening the OR and continuing sustainability awareness and education in the healthcare system” says the Green Team. “This is our small steps towards creating a big impact and fostering a green culture across nurse communities.”