Earth Day 2023 – Invest in our Planet

NewGen Surgical celebrates Earth Week with a reminder that every day presents an opportunity to take measurable actions in bettering the future of our planet and the people on it. Healthcare has the responsibility of building healthier people and communities yet continues to exacerbate the climate and plastic problem with its common practices. As stated in HCWH’s Green Paper, “Health Care’s Climate Footprint: How the Health Sector Contributes to the Global Climate Crisis and Opportunities for Action”, the “lion’s share” of healthcare emissions (71%) are primarily derived from the healthcare supply chain (Scope 3), one of which includes medical devices.

Last year, the Biden-Harris Administration celebrated Earth Day with its theme: “Invest in Our Planet”. This theme has been carried into this year’s Earth Week. Prioritizing investments in sustainable products, supplies, and practices is necessary to bring not only the health sector but the world closer to climate resilience. All industries and individuals must come together to save our Earth and healthcare should lead the way. As puts it: “A partnership for the planet”.

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