Founder Rob Chase at the 2023 Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference


Founder Rob Chase was a plenary speaker at the 2023 Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference held at San Jose State University (SJSU) by the Biomedical Engineering Society. This year marks the 14th Annual Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference and the first in-person conference since 2019.

The conference aims to connect talents from all over the Bay Area to discuss the latest advances in medical device technologies and regulations. It also provides a space for approximately 200 students to get exposure to the biomedical industry in the Bay Area. This year’s theme was: Sustainability-driven Healthcare Technologies. Rob spoke on the latest trends and principles in sustainable product design for the medical device industry, using NewGen Surgical’s very first product, the skin stapler, to educate students on the capabilities of bio-based materials in the medical device field. Rob provided thought-provoking ideas and innovative approaches for promoting sustainability in medical device design and development to inspire conference participants, particularly those up-and-coming, aspiring biomedical engineers. This was a great opportunity for the younger generation to see first-hand the solutions available to make their future brighter and more sustainable.


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