Awards and Recognition

NewGen Surgical received the prestigious 2018 Green Arrow Award for system and design innovations from the California Product Stewardship Council.
“We are delighted to honor companies reducing materials that need disposal,” said Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director of the California Product Stewardship Council. “The Arrow Award winners are leaders in driving a circular economy, which means “waste” product from one business is feedstock for the next. Whether it’s offering refillable propane cylinders instead of disposable cylinders like Sports Basement is doing, or by redesigning medical products to reduce plastic in the hospital waste stream like NewGen Surgical, all our winners are impressive. We are thrilled to highlight companies with such impactful environmental achievements.”
CPSC educates both the public and private sectors about product stewardship and closely partners with business, jurisdictions, waste and recycling companies, manufacturers and others to promote and encourage sustainable practices and to recognize those companies who are taking a leadership role in participating in waste reduction and recycling.

NewGen Surgical was named a finalist in the 11th annual edie Sustainability Leaders Award for the Sustainability Product Innovation category. The edie Sustainability Leaders Award is organized by Faversham House, a specialist sustainability publisher in the UK that provides practical information, insight and intelligence to help enable business sustainability.

Finalist are selected by embedding sustainability in to operations, business models and products, and by driving demonstrable results through innovation, engagement and a commitment to doing business better.

NewGen Surgical was honored as a finalist in the 6th annual Sustainable Brands Innovation Open competition. The Innovation Open provides an opportunity for next generation brands to showcase their innovative solutions to today’s pressing challenges, as well as connect and collaborate with multi-national brands, accelerators and thought leaders in sustainability.
The 2017 Innovation Open competition, culminating at SB ’17, attracted world-changing entrepreneurial teams with unique ideas to solving some of the world’s pressing environmental, social and economic concerns. These entrepreneurs seek to disrupt, and the ideas that will come to light from these contenders will spark conversations and inspiration for even the most advanced brands.

NewGen Surgical won the Health Care / Medical Tech 2015 category at the seventh annual North Bay Innovation Summit. Hosted by SoCo Nexus and North Bay iHub, the Summit featured four industry categories with 12 start-ups and early stage businesses pitching live to a panel of judges and the audience. The North Bay iHub was created in response to the State of California’s Innovation Hub program to stimulate economic growth through regional innovation. By connecting resources and networks, the North Bay iHub supports innovative start-ups through programming and events like Innovation Week and the North Bay Innovation Summit.
NewGen Surgical was honored to have been selected by a panel of accomplished judges as the winner of the Health Care / Medical Tech Category and to receive validation of our mission to offer hospitals sustainably designed products that help green the O.R.

NewGen Surgical was commended in the 2015 Circular Economy Awards by the judges of The Young Global Leader Award, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, in the Circular Economy Entrepreneurs category for early stage organizations at the vanguard of the circular economy demonstrating innovation and market disruption. NewGen Surgical is committed to innovate, transform, and support the circular economy. Our first products use cradle-to-cradle design consideration and are manufactured with bagasse, an upcycled by-product of the sugarcane production, as the primary material. In the future, we will take this model one step further to REUSE, RECYCLE, and RECLAIM.


What’s the ocean got to do with single-use plastic medical devices you might ask?

As innovators creating products and looking at the plastics problem as a design challenge,
we were so honored, as part of the Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Group, to be introduced at the OUR OCEAN 2014 conference sponsored by the US State Department under John Kerry.

You’ve seen the numbers. It’s been called an “escalating ecological and human disaster.” Almost half of all marine animals have plastic in their stomachs, often killing them. Some hospitals still incinerate resulting in carcinogenic particulate matter released into the air – there’s been a 170 percent increase in asthma and seven million deaths per year worldwide attributed to air pollution. That’s only half of the downstream story; upstream, the chemical manufacturing of plastic – getting natural resource fossil fuel extracted and manufactured to plastic – is a dirty carbon producing business. Both practices have contributed to the acidification of the ocean – and that is a dire under-told story. Ocean acidification destroys the delicate ecosystem of life which relies upon the tiniest of lifeforms for the entire ecosystem to survive.

We are determined to be part of the solution.