Environmental Sustainability: More process than progress?

“To some, environmental sustainability represents one of those “damned-if-you-do-and-damned-if-you-don’t” idiomatic exercises in that whatever you decide likely will attract criticism, debate and some form of ridicule.

Either it is is too burdensome and costly, it panders to the hippie left and politically correct agendas, it’s nothing more than busywork around quotas or it fuels an ego-centric superiority complex.

To others, it’s contributing in some way to a higher cause, it respects the finite resources available while keeping future accessibility and availability in mind, it provides “healthier” alternatives to current behaviors and consumption patterns or it represents how to maneuver public opinion and move market share.

All told, environmental sustainability is neither a fad or a trend, but a philosophy with roots and tentacles that have been – and will continue – burrowing deep into administrative, clinical, financial and operational planning. The questions linger about how deeply, how pervasively and how quickly?”

Leaders in healthcare sustainability speak on why it is imperative to do what it takes to move towards a circular economy.

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