Needle Counter Resources

Safety – and sustainability – start with you.

The safe use, handling, and disposal of sharps is critical for both patients and healthcare professionals. And safe for you can also be safe for the environment.

NewGen Surgical Needle Counters are designed with plant-based materials and meet the industry requirements and clinical performance for counting and disposing of sharps, while also providing a solution to green your O.R.

Clinical Performance

  • Easy-to-read numbers for securing of needles
  • Secure latch with audible closure feedback
  • Compliance with OSHA requirements and ASTM F2132 for puncture resistance
  • Red color signifies biohazard
  • Latex free

Sustainable Design

  • Needle counter box is sourced from plant-based material:
    - 93% plastic reduction by weight
    - Reduction in energy used for production
    - Less plastic produced and discarded
    - Able to decompose; rate dependent on disposal conditions
  • Prop 65 compliant
  • Free of intentionally added BPA or BPA derived plastics, mercury, phthalates, and PVC
  • 1,000 pounds of plastic waste can be eliminated for every 12,500 needle counters; be part of our Small Change, Big Impact EPP program
  • 100% of the packaging for the single sterile needle counters can be recycled if the hospital and their respective waste hauler providers support this service
Needle counter sustainability statements supported and/or validated by third party resources.


Facility In-service
We can visit your facility to share education and conduct in-service trainings for our products. Contact your NewGen Surgical Account Manager directly or call 1-415-457-1138.


IMG_9682_20 count - open
IMG_9682_30 count - open
  • Selection of foam, magnet, and adhesive combinations
  • Adhesive tabs secure the needle counter to any workspace
  • Full-surface magnet provides space for larger needles and blades

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