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Needle Counters

“NewGen Surgical is really leading the way in rethinking product design for the O.R.”

-PhD Environmental Scientist

“The amount of material thrown away every day in surgery is mind boggling … I’ve seen it for the last 23 years! I think your product is just the beginning of what needs to happen for all our continued health and the health of the planet, so I would be proud to see my hospital be up front and center on this important step in reducing waste. I know many of my co-workers feel the same.”

-Surgical RN

“It’s as good as any product I’ve used in the O.R. The founding heuristics of this company to move us toward a more sustainable product is really exciting.”

-ER Physician

“I see this is going to be the beginning of a series of products hopefully that are all sustainable. I think NewGen Surgical has done a great job of positioning the company to do something that really hasn’t been done before.”

-Cardiac Physician


Sustainable Design

  • Needle counter box is made with plant-based material:
    - 95% plastic reduction by weight
    - Reduces Scope 3 GHG emissions by over 50%
    - Biodegradable; rate dependent on disposal conditions
  • Prop 65 compliant; free of intentionally added BPA or BPA derived plastics, mercury, phthalates, and PVC
  • 100% of the packaging for the single sterile needle counters can be recycled if the hospital and their respective waste hauler provides this service

When compared to a similar leading product made with plastic.
Sustainability statements are validated by third-party resources.

Clinical Performance

  • Easy-to-read numbers for securing of needles
  • Secure latch with audible closure feedback
  • Full-surface magnet provides space for larger needles and blades
  • ASTM F2132 compliant for puncture resistance
  • Supports OSHA recommendations for safe sharps handling
  • Red color signifying biohazard
  • Latex free


Product Sheet

Visit Needle Counter Resources for instructions for use and reference materials.


IMG_9682_20 count - open
IMG_9682_30 count - open
  • Selection of foam, magnet, and adhesive combinations
  • Adhesive tabs secure the needle counter to any workspace
  • Full-surface magnet provides space for larger needles and blades
  • Foam / magnet configuration offers a snug foam-to-wall fit to prevent needle loss in the gap



Ordering Information

To learn more or order, contact sales at NewGen Surgical at 1.855.295.4500 or email us at:

US Patent D804053, D853582
Bulk, non-sterile available for procedure packs though authorized distributors.
Always refer to the Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings and precautions.