About Us

NewGen Surgical was started in 2012 with a vision that we could design quality single-use medical devices with sustainable materials.

With a growing concern about climate change and environmental pollution, we made it our mission — and our business — to redesign single-use plastic medical devices. After years of working with nurses, O.R. staff and physicians in the operating room we could see this concern was one we all shared. We asked ourselves if these single-use disposable plastic products could be made with sustainable materials and deliver excellent clinical performance. And if sustainable materials could not be used and achieve clinical performance and efficacy, could the product be reimagined using a circular economy model?

Smart Sustainable Design™


Our development process begins with a thorough understanding of the clinical performance doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals expect from a medical device. By rethinking, redesigning and reimagining a surgical product used every day in the operating room we can reduce or eliminate plastic waste – and still deliver clinical performance at a price that brings value our customers. Some of our products will use more sustainable materials, while others will be designed to be more sustainable through multiple uses – moving away from a single use throw away model.

Our first product – the NGS35W skin stapler – is a good example of our design process. We spent over two years designing around sustainable materials, with a focus on clinical performance and supply chain consideration to deliver economic value to our customers, and a significant reduction in plastic waste.

“Much like the healthcare industry’s emphasis treating root cause by focusing on wellness and prevention for people, NewGen Surgical is doing the same. By examining and redesigning products with more sustainable materials on the front end we achieve a source reduction of plastic used, and a reduction of end-of-life plastic pollution in the environment. ” said Rob Chase, Founder and President.