Our Mission

    Our mission is to help our customers deliver excellent quality, cost effective care while at the same time preserving and protecting the foundation of all health – a healthy environment. We do this by offering products that are more sustainable and that will reduce energy, non-renewable resource use and plastic pollution.

    Our goal is to reduce or eliminate single-use disposable plastic products in the O.R. – by replacing them with high performance products made with sustainable materials or redesigning these product for multiple uses and closing the loop on waste going to landfill.


We’re committed to redesigning single-use plastic medical devices and surgical products that will:

Eliminate chemicals of concern and toxicity

Reduce energy and use of nonrenewable resources

Reduce the amount of plastic produced, used and discarded

Reduce and or eliminate waste going to landfill or incineration

Reduce total costs for the hospital

“Health systems have the opportunity to become beacons of hope and action – providing urgent and catalyzing leadership. Each step forward will support healthy communities and contribute to vibrant local green economies.”

— Health Care Without Harm