NGS35W Skin Stapler

Clinical Performance
  • Audible and tactile feedback when firing cycle completes
  • Alignment indicator designed for accurate staple placement
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
    • – Accommodates a variety of hand positions and sizes
    • – Low force-to-fire
  • Easy to see staple remaining indicator
  • 35 surgical stainless steel staples
  • Quality assurance – each device functionally tested
Sustainable Design
  • Made with 69% plant-based material*
  • 67% reduction in energy used for production*
  • Over 500 pounds of plastic can be avoided in the waste stream for every 10,000 staplers used*
  • Lightweight design can reduce transportation and disposal cost*
  • Available in procedure packs, our plant-based tray removes even more plastic packaging from the waste stream†

*Based on comparisons to like product made with plastic.
†Bulk, non-sterile available for procedure packs through authorized distributors.



Staple Specifications


US Patent 9226749, 9572575
Always refer to the Instructions for Use for complete indications, instructions, warnings, precautions and contraindications