Upcycled, plant-based products designed to green your healthcare operation

NewGen Surgical uses circular design to integrate patient health and sustainability, creating products that address plastic pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and chemicals of concern.

Why Choose NewGen Surgical Products?

Healthy Communities

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Smart Purchasing

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Resource Management

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The WHY in what we do

Our focus is on single–use plastic medical products. Plastic is pervasive to the planet and health. Especially the most vulnerable.

Much like the healthcare industry’s emphasis treating root cause by focusing on wellness and prevention for people, NewGen Surgical is doing the same by examining and redesigning products with more sustainable materials on the front end to achieve a source reduction of plastic used and a reduction of end-of-life plastic pollution in the environment.

A LEADER in sustainable healthcare solutions

We are the first company to develop an economical and high-performing plant-based surgical product and have been recognized as leaders in the healthcare supplies industry. (link to awards page or add award logos)

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for health systems that are safe, sustainable, and resilient. NewGen Surgical is reimagining the healthcare sector and developing solutions for a green and resilient post-pandemic recovery.