Sustainably designed products for healthcare.

Renewable plant-based, climate-smart products to reduce or eliminate plastic, Scope 3 carbon and chemicals of concern in the single-use O.R. necessities. 

 Smart Sustainable Design is where clinical meets sustainable. Surgical necessities designed to deliver innovative, high-performing solutions that reduce the environmental impact. Exceptional, sustainable, measurable reduction of plastic in single-use products essential to healthcare delivery without compromise. 

Our product design takes a traditional agricultural byproduct and transforms it into a sustainable healthcare solution.

Bagasse, a byproduct of sugarcane production, is the material input replacing plastic. 

This approach not only diverts waste from landfills but also requires less energy and accounts for a much lower carbon footprint than fossil fuel-based plastic.  Additionally, using an agricultural byproduct means that the food supply is not affected. After use, the products can be safely composted, or biodegradable in the right conditions, regenerating natural systems and reducing or eliminating plastic.

“The products that are used by healthcare in providing its key services each carry embedded energy and carbon in their production, use and disposal. Switching to more sustainable products across healthcare purchasing can also reduce a hospital’s climate impact for a better future for its patients, employees, and surrounding community.” 1

- PhD, Environment & Public Health

1 Health Care Without Harm, Addressing Climate Change in the Health Care Setting: Opportunities for Action

Why NewGen Surgical Products?

Healthy planet, people
and patients

There is a direct connection of environmental health on the health of people, often the most vulnerable. First Do No Harm starts with prevention. For the patient and the planet.

Environmental Impact

Measureable and meaningful impact is as easy as using climate-considered products that reduce plastic, CO2e and chemicals of concern to health.

Smart Purchasing

Purchasing power can measurably reduce the environmental burden of single-use healthcare necessities with one of the lowest conversion costs.

Renewables and the value of resource management

Surgical products that align with the healthcare values of protecting human, community and planet health.

A LEADER in sustainable healthcare solutions

Founded in 2012 NewGen Surgical sole mission and purpose-into being is to develop sustainable solutions that eliminate and reduce plastic for healthcare. To minimize environmental impact  and help systems deliver quality cost-effective care while preserving & protecting the foundation of all health — our environment. Our team has driven to replace single-use disposable plastic O.R. essentials with renewable materials across the healthcare ecosystem.

We are a member of Practice Green Health’s Greening the OR® Initiative and Think Beyond Plastic® Accelerator, commended in the first 2015 Circular Economy Awards of the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum and recipient of the California Product Stewardship Council 2018 Green Arrow Award for circular economy innovation.

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for health systems that are safe, sustainable, and resilient. NewGen Surgical is reimagining the healthcare sector and developing solutions for a green and resilient post-pandemic recovery.

Small Change Big Impact™


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