With our collective concern about climate change, use of non-renewable natural resources, waste, and plastic pollution and the effects it has on our health and our planet, all of us at NewGen Surgical believe it is our responsibility to put our skills to work protecting our environment.

Rob Chase

Founder & President

Barry N. Gardiner, MD

Founding Medical Director

Anne-Marie Régal, MD, MS

Medical Director

Kimberlee Luedee-Chase

Vice President
Business Operations & Marketing

Peter Szyperski

Vice President
Engineering & Operations

Kenneth Blier

Principal Engineer

Carol Summers

Product Marketing & Programs

Andrea Ring

National Account Manager

Marco Estebez

Marketing & Sales Intern

Jacquelyn Jacinto

Marketing & Sales Intern


Mike Acosta

Regulatory Affairs

Ray Bertolero

Business Development

Ann Blake, Ph.D

Environmental & Public Health

Gerrie Davis, RN

O.R. Medical Products & Design

Mohammad Diab, MD

Product Development

Paul Kardel

Product Design, R&D

Karim Khadr

Market Strategy

Erika Kimball, RN

Environmental & Metrics

Daniella Russo

Innovation & Outreach

Olga Volkova

Marketing & Social Outreach

Board of Directors

David Kiger

Board Member

Ajmal Noorani

Board Member