Purchasing Professionals


As the purchasing professional, you’re concerned about healthcare costs. Costs of the O.R., operating expenses, costs for your hospital.

You may be integrating Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) into the mix. Perhaps your facility reprocesses surgical products as a way to achieve sustainability saving money and tons of waste per year.


Our goal is to reduce or eliminate single-use disposable plastic products in the O.R. – by replacing them with high performance products made with sustainable materials or redesigning these product for multiple uses and closing the loop on waste going to landfill.


Our mission is to create cost effective product solutions that allow you and your team to make a difference toward hospital sustainability objectives and EPP goals.


NewGen Surgical delivers the same industry standard surgical products your surgeons are familiar with, but made with sustainable materials that minimize the environmental footprint.

NGS35W Sustainable Skin Stapler

“The skin stapler is something that can be used in every specialty and outside the operating in the emergency room and elsewhere. Most hospitals and surgeons want to be as sustainable as possible – especially with something like this – the NGS35W skin stapler – an easy change to make that can have an impact.”

-Cardiac Surgeon

Clinical Performance
  • Audible and tactile feedback when firing cycle completes
  • Alignment indicator designed for accurate staple placement
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
    • - Accommodates a variety of hand positions and sizes
    • - Low force-to-fire
  • Easy to see staple remaining indicator
  • 35 surgical stainless steel staples
  • Quality assurance - each device
    functionally tested

Sustainable Design
  • Made with 69% plant-based material*
  • 67% reduction in energy used for production*
  • Less plastic produced and discarded*
  • Lightweight design can reduce
    transportation and disposal cost*
  • Available in procedure packs, our plant-based tray removes even more plastic packaging from the waste stream†
  • * Based on comparison to like product made with plastic.
  • † Bulk, non-sterile available for procedure packs through authorized distributors.

With over 35 million skin staplers used every year, even one stapler can make a difference – tons of plastic waste burned or landfilled each and every year, over a lifetime of years. How many 35W skin staplers does your hospital use per year? The NGS35W will help with your Greening the O.R. initiatives and give you a plant-based option for your routine skin closure.

Introducing the NewGen Surgical Needle Counters

Clinical Performance
  • Easy-to-read numbers for securing of needles
  • Secure latch with audible closure feedback
  • Compliance with OSHA requirements and ASTM F2132 for puncture resistance
  • Latex free
  • Red color signifies biohazard
Sustainable Design
  • The needle counter box is sourced from plant-based material:
    - 95% plastic reduction by weight
    - Reduction in energy used for production
    - Less plastic produced and discarded
    - Able to decompose; rate dependent on disposal conditions
  • Prop 65 compliant
  • Free of intentionally added BPA or BPA derived plastics, mercury, phthalates, and PVC
  • One ton of plastic waste can be avoided for every 25,000 needle counters; be part of our Small Change, Big Impact EPP program
  • 100% of the packaging for the single sterile needle counters can be recycled if the hospital and their respective waste hauler providers support this service

Needle counter sustainability statements supported and/or validated by third party resources.