Procedure Kit Packaging Trays

In the OR, you see it every day, every procedure kit – the tons of plastic waste contributing to pollution and the impact on the environment and community health. There really is no away when it comes to plastic waste.

Some of this waste does not even have a purpose in the procedure other than providing ease of assembly and delivery for the surgical kits. How many plastic and foam packaging trays do you discard each day?

That is why we redesign single-use disposable medical devices and products with sustainable materials – to offer you similar performance while delivering a measurable reduction of plastic waste. And in this case, a sustainable material that can replace the plastic and foam tray used in the packaging of procedure kits.


NewGen Surgical offers a selection of plant-based trays that eliminates plastic waste in procedure kit packaging.

Sustainable Design

  • Made with plant-based material
  • Less plastic produced and discarded
  • Free of intentionally added BPA or BPA derived plastics, mercury, phthalates, and PVC
  • Able to decompose; rate dependent on disposal conditions
  • Over two tons of plastic waste can be eliminated for every 15,000 medium-sized trays; be part of our Small Change, Big Impact EPP program


Product Details

  • Similar durability and strength as current packaging trays
  • Smooth edges that maintain the integrity of wraps, pouches, and bags
  • Thick corners that do not crack or break
  • EO sterilizable
  • Latex free
  • Sizes can be customized per your requirements



Ordering Information

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Product Sheet

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